Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Birthday gift for yourself!

For Greyson's' 3rd birthday this year, we headed over to Oxfam America Unwrapped for him to pick out a gift to choose all by himself.  We had a short little chat that as part of his birthday celebration - we were going to buy a gift that would go to someone else that needed it.  I wanted to make it clear to him that we were not going to get anything delivered to our house - rather it would be sent somewhere else in the world.

The most important part to a three year old, of course, is looking at the pictures and choosing which one he wanted to buy (again reminding him that he was not buying it for our house).  After a very close encounter of making my first ever online manure purchase (he's three - a poop reference is never not funny), he decided to settle on a dozen of baby chicks.

Since Grey is only three - a full-on conversation about how baby chicks could help another family wasn't entirely feasible.  However, we did chat for a minute about where eggs come from and what kind of eggs we like to eat, and how having chickens would mean someone would get to collect and eat their eggs at their own house.

The lesson probably didn't entirely soak into his young three year old heart, however, it was a great opportunity to be able to talk about sharing our birthday and happiness out into the world.  He knew he was getting presents for his birthday and taking the afternoon to choose a gift for someone else too was a reminder to both of us that giving is a very important part of receiving.

Oxfam America Unwrapped is one of my favorite spots for snagging meaningful gifts for birthdays and other gift-giving opportunities.  Last year during my 29 acts of kindness for my 29th birthday - I purchased a school meal for a student.  Oxfam has lots of different options for gifts ranging from animals, to education or health related, to emergency and career options.  *they do not know who I am outside of being on their mailing list.  I am just telling you about them because I love them.

So the next gift-giving opportunity that comes your way, remember that friends and family rarely need (or want) another picture frame or tie...however, a dozen of chicks in their honor - that sort of gift can go all the way to the heart.

For those of you with brothers or a potty-joke loving child in your life - manure is always a hilarious option too :)

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