Monday, February 11, 2013

RAoK Week 2013!

Did you know this week:  February 11 - 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Week!  People all over the world are participating in being a little more kind everyday this week.  Don't be left out!  Jump on the bandwagon and flash your smile everywhere you go this week (and every week, really!)

We are going to be setting aside a little piece of kindness all week to celebrate too:

Monday 2/11:  Sending a letter to a friend out of town (waaaay out of town:  hint hint, Hawaii)
Tuesday 2/12:  Sending a care package to a family member
Wednesday 2/13:  Baking & delivering cookies to our neighbors
Thursday 2/14:  Leaving a surprise & thank you for our mail person
Friday 2/15:  Plant an indoor flower
Saturday 2/16:  Practice patience
Sunday 2/17: Helping setting up & cleaning up

I'll post later this week with an update of our Random Acts of Kindness week.
What are you doing this week to celebrate RAoK week?  Comment below!